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My thoughts on why i built this websiteJoin me as I share my web development journey, offering tips on planning and taking it step-by-step to help you succeed with your own projects.

The reason i built this website is mostly about improving my web developer skills and sharing my knowledge with other people. I was thinking about it for a long time and actually i've tried it a couple times before but unfortunately those projects ended up like most of our side projects.

The reason why i failed before is because i was trying to make everything at once and if you are gonna make a website you should do everything one by one or you'll end up thinking about a lot of things at once and give up.

The mindset i had when i started to build this website is what made it possible for you to read this blog post right now. If you are gonna build a website like this, you should definitely plan things and think about design before starting. I'm not saying that you will always fail if you don't think about these things before starting to build your website but if you think about it, you'll see that it will make you more productive and save your time.

And also;

"Just make it fucking work!"